Alexandro brings his passion for trans rights, body positivity, and social justice to audiences all across the US. With a message of self-acceptance and unrelenting encouragement, Alexandro reaches out groups of all kinds. He is able to accommodate events large or small, and can tailor his talk to fit the energy and timeline of your event.


Alexandro’s performances range from high energy drag and burlesque to costume rich vocal artistry. With more than 15 years of stage experience, Alexandro is professionally trained as an actor, dancer, and voice talent. He has appeared on stages across the country including the Sombrero in Orlando, the St. Louis Stadium, Tampa’s Palladium, the Doll House, RCT, and the Twin Cities’ Minsky Theatre.

Drag King

Alexandro is more than your typical drag king. His acts often include elements of burlesque as well as live vocals. Alexandro “peaks the senses and visually stimulates the brain” with “liquid movements and raw authenticity” on stage. Routines are event appropriate; ranging from family-friendly drag to sizzling hot performances for the 21+ entertainment crowd.