I’ve got two good pieces of info for you today. The first is that whenever you do something beyond your ‘comfort zone’ and realize you are #stillstanding , the more you will #believe that the impossible is actually possible. And on the road to success, belief is everything. The second piece tidbit is that we Read Post
Why do I start projects that take forever to complete? I try to focus on the journey and not just the destination. Some journeys in life are so easy to start; finishing becomes the big hurdle, other things are the polar opposite. In all things the #secret is not only following the right path but Read Post
Sometimes you just have to stare depression and negativity right in the freaking face and smack it around a bit. Go ahead, beat the crap out of it instead of emotionally beating the crap out of yourself. You are loved and YOU are not alone❤️💕💜 Read Post