The Rainbow Gathering

Come see The Rainbow Gathering Celebration

with multiple show times, accessibility tickets and virtual viewing for your convenience. Audience seating is covered, outside, the venue and bathrooms are wheelchair accessible. You’ll laugh your socks off all night long while being amazed by the stellar black and brown performances as well as local top drag and burlesque artist. One thing for sure is, you’ll love each and every one of The Rainbow Gathering’s performers. We have a strict sanitation process in between each set of audience. In order to maintain social distancing, we only have 48 seats available per show, for live audience members. The streaming URL for your virtual ticket will be emailed and available on 07/21/2020.

The stage will be seated inside the inner lobby and the audience will be seated outside in tables of 4 with each table being 6ft apart. Mask are required at all times except for when you are seated at your table.
Our sexy bend-over boys will be coming around to collect tips for the performers and we ask that you raise your mask when they come to your table. You will also have the ability to tip digitally.

To show their support for the 40 Acre project and BLM movement Minnsky is donating and providing the following. 100% free of charge:

Staging – we will be using a stage that sits just inside the lobby. It is 12ft wide x 16 ft deep.

Sound System- We will have speakers that face out to the audience area and a wireless mic available.

Lighting- outdoor lighting

Backstage (lobby of theatre)- Cleaning supplies for COVID safety, tables, chairs and mirrors. Use of lobby bathrooms exclusively for performers and staff.

Ticketing – Use of our ticketing system and staffing to accommodate audiences. (All tickets sales will go to Rainbow Power Gathering less the processing fees for credit cards)

Bartending/Serving- We will provide food and drinks to whatever level the City approves for purchase by audience members. We will also provide serving so the audience remains outdoors. (All food and drink sales go to Minnsky Theatre)

Audience- Minnsky will provide twelve 5ft round cabaret tables with 4 seats each (48 seats total) for each show. A stantioned off area, and disinfecting in between show times. Audience members will have access to two restrooms down the hall of the Minnsky building.

Thank you Minnsky

Show schedule and performers

7/24/2020 6:30pm – 7:30pm show

Alexandro Rox – Drag Group number | POC
Sasha Carter Iman – Drag | POC
Minda Mae – Burlesque | Allie
Reno St. Francis – Burlesque | Allie
Megan The Maneater Carter – Drag | POC
And many many more to be announced!

7/24/2020 8:30pm – 10:00pm show

Alexandro Rox – Burlesque | POC
Jolie Antifragile Avian – Aerial | Allie
Sasha Carter Iman – Drag | POC
Victoria Velour – Burlesque | POC
Chastitiy Barre – Burlesque | Allie
Afro Diety – Drag | POC
The Means – Live Vocals | POC
And many many more to be announced!

July25th 11:30am -1:00pm

Lala Luzious |The Snack of The Cities – Drag | POC
Sasha Carter Iman – Drag | POC
Alexandro Rox – Drag | POC
And many many more to be announced!

July 25th 2:30pm – 4:00pm

Lily de LaRue | The tallest drag queen in captivity – Drag | Allie
Reno St. Francis | “A little bit naughty, a little bit nice” – Burlesque | Allie
And many many more to be announced!

July 25th 8:00pm – 9:30pm

Lala Luzious | The Snack of The Cities – Drag | Allie
Harrie Bradshaw | The bearded bitch of the Midwest – Drag/Burlesque | Allie
Alexandro Rox | The Duke Of Duality – Group Number | POC
Sasha R. Cassadine – Drag | POC
Aria Arcana – Burlesque | POC
Afro deity The goddess – Drag | POC
Lexi Love | The sexy, the energetic, the pocket princess of love – Drag | Allie
Sasha Carter Iman – Drag | POC
and many more to be announced!
July 24th / July 25th
All of our performers will be paid and the remaining proceeds and all ticket sales will be donated to The 40 Acre project.
More about the 40 acre project | $40K for 40 acres:
Phase 1 – When Alexandro saw these 40 acres next to Ottawa National Forest in Michigan’s U.P. , he saw more than the beautiful wooded landscape, access to pure living water, and the deep peace of Mother Nature: he saw a community’s future. A sustainable, POC queer-led community coming together to work, to learn, to build, to retreat from the harsh realities of life in the system. A place to meditate, to learn sustainable practices, to work hard at creating something truly trans-formative. A place to visit for six days, to live for six months . . . or for six years. A system outside of the system. Can you see it, too? Would you like to be a part of The 40 Acre Project? You can be. $40K will complete Phase 1 of this project: securing and making private these 40 acres. Donations as little as $1-$5 will add up quickly!
If you’d like to take a look at the land or learn more about the project before giving, please contact Alexandro Rox at Click to learn more about The Queer Fam Brigade
A quick look ahead at Phase 2 and 3:
The next steps in making this community dream a reality will be putting up temporary shelter such as yurts or (see wish list below!) a converted school bus for the founders to live in while building this community and training leaders, and then building a retreat space with solar power, running water and composting toilets in Phase 3. Beyond that, the founders hope to move into organized internships with experts teaching sustainable building, farming, and foraging practices open to all, and then to use the spaces and farm spaces created for living quarters and workspace for community members.
Wish List:
Email us if you have any gifts to share from our wish list!
  • An already converted or readily convert-able school bus for a living space and eventual center of operations for building this community and possibly other
  • Volunteers! Are you a carpenter? Blacksmith? Do you know about sustainable farming techniques, setting up solar power? We can also use researchers, accountants, and advocates.
  • Experts in Cobb (the land has wonderful clay resources) or other sustainable building practices
  • A yurt or other acceptable, sustainable housing for the winter for 2 adults, a child and two dogs.
  • Snowmobile
Learn more at: The 40 Acre Project
This show is rated 18+ only