The Dynamite Variety Show

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Friday, September 23rd | 9:30 pm | Cover $7.00

Come one, come all to the most explosive spectacle to ever shoot across the stage! 

Theme: Fantastical Fall Circus! 🍁 🎪 🌾
Get a true bang for your buck as these Beautiful Belly Dancers, Charming Circus Artists, Delightful Drag Artists, Pleasing Prestidigitators, Pretty Peelers, Pulchritudinous Pole Dancers, Splendid Sideshow Stars, Stunning ShowFolx, and one Cute Clown flip, dip, sing, and dance across our fiery stage! 🧨

Featuring a rainbow of Minneapolis luminaries: 

TifDynamite as your Exquisite Emcee 🎙 

Alexandro Rox – Delightful Drag Artist 🎩 

Barbara Gordon – Splendid Sideshow Star 🪄 

Gabe Gabriel – Charming Circus Artist 🤹‍♀️ 

Jac Fatale – Pretty Peeler 💋

Luke von Strahd – Charming Circus Artist 🪑 

The Magnificent J & J – Charming Circus Artists 🪑  

Myss Angie – Pulchritudinous Pole Dancer 👠

Piwi Panhandler – Charming Circus Artist 🤹🏽‍♀️ 

Red Rider – Pulchritudinous Pole Dancer 👠

Sitri Sophia – Beautiful Belly Dancer 🌛

Wanda Fool – Cute Clown 🤡 

& Stunning ShowFolx The ExperTeasers! ⭐️ 

Black Hart Of St Paul

1415 University Avenue West
Saint Paul, MN 55104
(651) 528-8028

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