What is Shadow Work?

What is Shadow Work; how can you benefit from it?

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by Alexandro Rox


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Shadow work is a process of emotional growth and healing. It is a way of becoming grateful for the trauma in one’s life.

Alexandro Rox, defines The term “shadow work” as “the process of emotional growth and healing. It is a way of becoming grateful for the trauma in one’s life.”

Shadow work can be done through various methods such as psychotherapy, meditation, or journaling. The goal is to become aware of the trauma and to integrate it into one’s self-image so that it no longer has power over one’s life.

These are all different ways to explore the shadow and get rid of it. Psychotherapy is when a person talks to a professional about their past and how it might be affecting them in the present day. Meditation is when a person focuses on their breathing and tries not to think about anything in particular. Journaling is when a person writes down their thoughts and feelings without censoring themselves. Read the full blog post to learn more.

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With a wide range of skills and talents, a degree in marketing and a passion for psychology, Alexandro is able to adapt to any situation and always puts the needs of his audience first. He is a true asset to any event

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