The adventure begins

So, for the past few months my heart has been yearning for an RV or Motorhome. Each day, I have spent an hour or more scouring the depth of the net, (mostly FACEBOOK Marketplace).

I was steadfast that I wouldn’t exceed $2,000. Okay, I know, 2K aint shit.  But, what can I say, that was the budget. I really didn’t want to spend more than 1K lol. Anyway, enough about me being a penny pincer.

Did I find the RV of my dreams? Well, not exactly but it will be once I remodel it.

My son called it “The Mobile Crack Shack”  # Hater
Betsy the motorhome
Betsy the motorhome

Here is Betsy, rolling down the street like a champ! But let’s back up a little. It’s currently 11:10pm and me, the kid and the dog have been sitting in our truck since 8:00pm. Why? That’s a very good question 藍. The owner has been living in the Motor Home and didn’t clear his shit out before he sold it. Soooooo……here we are.

Let me tell you about the camper. Its got brand new wooden ceiling and flooring, new starter, new carburetor, the stove, the fridge and everything else works great. The bathroom however will be a complete remodel.

$1,500 is what I am paying for this home and it comes with security cameras installed. I’ll keep you all updated!