Betsy needs brakes

As I pulled into the parking lot last night the breaks in Betsy went out. Yes, Betsy’s breaks failed on me. Prior to that, after I paid for her and drove away she ran out of gas, literally two feet from the gas pump. Luckily the guy I bought her from left me with a gas can, so I filled the gas can, fed her a little 87 grade gasoline so I could actually pull up to the pump.

The gas station was actually closed, as im filling my gas can, I hear a bitchy voice over the speakers saying that my son who was driving our daily truck, and I couldn’t hang out there and that they would call the police or have us towed if we failed to leave immediately. Dumb ass! Did she not see I was getting gas 🤦🏾‍♂️. Yes, i bought the RV from the ghetto lol.

Finally, after all that drama and sitting, watch cracked out ppl help the seller clean out the rv, we were ready to take Betsy home with us.

Betsy didn’t go over 40MPH lmfao. I had the gas pedal floored but 40 mph was her max, unless going downhill.

I have a hunch that either there is a bad MAP sensor, clogged fuel filter or wrecked fuel line. If it is any of those things, they are a quick, cheap fix and she would run right as pie afterwards.

I’m about to hop out of bed and go look at my Betsy, see how much junk was left by the previous owner!

Yay! Adventures lol