It has come to this

The last six months have been a stressful eye-opening; awakening of sorts. It has come to myself drawing the conclusion of downsizing and perfecting. Perfectly imperfect is the type of perfection that I aim for.

Here I am, headed to my October gig with Chad Campe at the deadly drive-in. my experience with Chad has been an amazing one, and he’s a human being that my respect steadily grows for. He’s the type of guy that really gives a fuck, do you know what I mean? Anyway, back to the reason I started this particular blog post; downsizing.

So I do a lot of things I amA jack of all trades, of sorts, LOL. With all the different ups and downs in my life and health I am once again realizing that I need to be good at a few things, Develop them, and then build upon them. In my professional opinion my business approach is quite scattered with an unsteady foundation and that is something that I look to rectify in the year 2021, but I have to start now of course in order to see results in year 2021.

Hopefully I’ll write more about that later. LOL well time to scare the fuck out of my friends and more. Deadly driving every single day almost in October now with dates in November. Yes that’s a plug LOL