Sponsor a Virtually Streamed Burlesque Show | The Rainbow Revolution Revue | Alexandro Rox and Rox Hard Productions

 The Rainbow Revolution Revue on Friday, September 25, is a BIPOC  directed showcase streaming live from The Hook & Ladder Theatre.
We are looking for local businesses and products to support the promotional efforts of the event and potentially supplement the budget. All participating artists have a guarantee of payment, and there’s an additional goal to forward a percentage of profits to The Rainbow Sanctuary and the Minneapolis Sanctuary.  Rox Hard would also like to save a nest egg toward future productions. I have listed below some ways this production can support and amplify your business, and some reciprocity options for you! We’ve kept things a little loose, but can lock down a more concrete trade depending on what you can offer and what you’d like from us. We know these are strange times, and folks might have specialized needs or limited resources. We’ll be using the Rox Hard Productions platforms as well as Elektra Cute Presents, and Flip Phone Events and any other community spaces that sign onto support. The idea is to lift EVERYONE up through cross promotion.    
We can offer…
-Social media posts on the event page, and promo accounts. You can provide us with content of your choosing. 
-A complimentary pass to the event.
-At least one onstage mention during the broadcast
-Inclusion of your company logo during the broadcast
-Inclusion of your business name and a link in email blasts
What we’re looking for…
-Social media posts on your pages about the event
-Adding your Facebook page as a ‘host’ of the event so it comes up in your calendar
-Putting out flyers or a poster at your physical business
-Prize donation…we’d love to promote you with a giveaway!
-Any other amazing ideas you have for cross promotion
We understand this is a difficult financial time for businesses small and large across the nation, but if you’re able to offer a small cash sponsorship, we would be happy to build a unique and fitting promotional package in exchange. 
Please fill out the contact form below, we look forward to working with you on this project! 
Here are the links:
Hook Event: https://thehookmpls.com/event/rainbow-revolution-revue/
Crowdcast: https://www.crowdcast.io/e/rainbow-revolution-revue
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/443792093255991
Alex Dandridge , on behalf of Rox Hard Productions