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The Rainbow Gathering  | A virtual and live Drag and Burlesque show
The Rainbow Gathering Showtimes and Tickets

The Rainbow Gathering is not only a live drag show but a burlesque and fire extravaganza as well.  This top notch variety show will be live streamed so get you in person or virtual viewing ticket asap.  the perfect combination of spectacular burlesque style and Drag performances. This event is hosted by Alexandro Rox with co- host Sasha  Carter Iman, Redbone and Foxy Tann.

This knock your socks off celebration of freedom and drag, is the perfect mix of classy entertainment, and raunchy performances.

Show schedule and performers

7/24/2020 6:30pm – 7:30pm show

RedBone – Burlesque | POC
Foxy Tann – Burlesque | POC
Tre Da Marc – Burlesque | POC
Coco Dupree – Burlesque | POC
Alexandro Rox  – Drag Group number | POC
Sasha Carter Iman – Drag | POC
Minda Mae – Burlesque | Ally
Megan The Maneater Carter – Drag | POC

7/24/2020 8:30pm – 10:00pm show

Redbone – Burlesque | POC
Tre Da Marc – Burlesque | POC
Coco Dupree – Burlesque | POC
Jolie Antifragile Avian  – Aerial | Ally
Sasha Carter Iman – Drag | POC
Victoria Velour – Burlesque | POC
Chastitiy Barre – Burlesque | Ally
Aphrodite – Drag | POC
The Means – Live Vocals | POC

July25th 11:30am -1:00pm

Megan The Maneater Carter – Drag | POC
Dexderity – Drag | Ally
Mo Russel – Drag | POC
2 On Point – Fire | POC
Teasers – Group | POC/Ally’s
Lala Luzious  |The Snack of The Cities – Drag | POC
Sasha Carter Iman – Drag | POC
Alexandro Rox – Drag | POC

July 25th 2:30pm – 4:00pm

Megan The Maneater Carter – Drag | POC
Lizzy Kissinger – Drag | POC
Lily de LaRue  – Drag | Ally
Reno St. Francis – Burlesque | Ally
Candleora – Belly Dance | POC
Red Rider – Pole Dancing | Ally
Jolie Antifragile Avian  – Aerial | Ally

July 25th 8:00pm – 9:30pm

Tre Da Marc – Burlesque | POC
Lala Luzious  – Drag  | Ally
Harrie Bradshaw  – Drag/Burlesque | Ally
Alexandro Rox – Burlesque | POC
Sasha R. Cassadine – Drag | POC
Aria Arcana – Burlesque | Ally
Afro deity The goddess – Drag | POC
Lexi Love – Drag | Ally
Sasha Carter Iman – Drag | POC
Jenna Cis – Drag | Ally
Michelle Cassandra Rawr – Drag | POC

Come see The Rainbow Gathering Celebration

With multiple show times, accessibility tickets and virtual viewing for your convenience. Audience seating is covered, outside, the venue and bathrooms are wheelchair accessible. You’ll laugh your socks off all night long while being amazed by the stellar black and brown performances as well as local top drag and burlesque artist. One thing for sure is, you’ll love each and every one of The Rainbow Gathering’s performers. We have a strict sanitation process in between each set of audience. In order to maintain social distancing, we only have 48 seats available per show, for live audience members. The streaming URL for your virtual ticket will be emailed and available on 07/21/2020.

The stage will be seated inside the inner lobby and the audience will be seated outside in tables of 4 with each table being 6ft apart. Mask are required at all times except for when you are seated at your table.
Our sexy bend-over boys will be coming around to collect tips for the performers and we ask that you raise your mask when they come to your table. You will also have the ability to tip digitally.
July 24th / July 25th
All of our performers will be paid and the remaining proceeds and all ticket sales will be donated to The 40 Acre project.
 more about The Queer Fam Brigade
Learn more at: The 40 Acre Project
This show is rated 18+ only