Self Affirmations For Trans Men From A Trans Advocate

Everyone needs self affirmation

Everyone needs self affirmation, furthermore you need it regardless of your identity or gender. subsequently affirming your genuine self means that you are taking direct action to meet your needs; expressing who you really are; thinking positive thoughts and doing what you need to do to get what you really want out of life and the society that surrounds you. In conclusion to self affirmation….this shit is really important fam (slang for family).
As a trans man, I only have a trans masculine experience. Furthermore, Being a drag King has helped me learn to be more present and accepting of my body.  Like eating or sleeping, self-affirmation is something I do multiple times per day for my sanity and emotional well being. Since this is so important, I decided to write a post about a few affirming behaviors and mindsets that help me get through shitty times, I want to share them with you 💋

1) Make self care number 1

Sometimes, we can have a tendency to think of self care as something we do only during tough times. 
The burden of oppression and transphobia can be endless, it can also come from so many angles; the media, our society, or our birth families. In order thrive in life, it’s important to make self-care priority number one. Regardless of where you are in your life or how you’re feeling on a certain day. 

2. Fuck gender roles & Fuck gender norms You’re fucking awesome. You are trans enough.

Yeah, the title is long..
Look, if you hate men, it’s going to be really hard to love yourself as a man. We have to work on our own biases to have a better relationship with men, other masculine folks, and our own maleness. Love yourself already? Learn to love-yourself more.
As transgender people, we can often feel the pressure to arrive at an end point in our transition. While our transitions are important and often life-saving, we cannot let our confidence depend on how far along we are in our transitions or how we decide to transition. So, love yourself now and make sure to keep loving yourself  at all the stops on the way in your gender journey

3. Fuck Embodiment norms

I grew up in Florida but currently, I reside in Rochester Mn., I’ve found a lot of my affirmation is connecting with my body. Some transgender men do this by working out. Some self made men do this by getting tattoos. I do this in a few ways; by stretching  daily, meditating , and being intentionally present when I touch my body.
I used to only touch my chest when I had a binder on and I currently caress my chest now with my binder off as well. In an effort to feel proud of my male presentation I touch my body in front of the mirror regularly. I challenge myself to be present and feel my body when I masturbate (which is something I do often☺️).  All of these touching actions are a nice reminder that I am here, I am sexy, I am real and no matter where I am at on my journey, I am valid.
Body positivity is number one
I currently reside in Rochester MN and identify as trans.  I am a trans rights advocate, motivational speaker, and  Drag King.  Feel free to reach out and contact me anytime. You are loved 💋