As an African American, gender fluid transmasculine male who takes their clothes off for fun and recently beat foot cancer; I’m here to tell you that whatever path you are on in your life; wherever you are in your journey…it really can get better. Sometimes you have to adjust your thinking and habits for it to happen.
As a perfectionist, sometimes the way I talk to myself can be unpleasantly rough. I have to remind myself to be a cheerleader for my own life and accomplishments. Criticize yourself with compassion and understanding. To the best of your ability, try being an advocate for your own life; it may make it easier to advocate for others as well. One last thing…don’t be a square peg trying to fit into a triangle, ❌ you are valid just the way you are. You are #trans enough, you are queer enough, the essence of you is enough and you are not alone. Reach out to someone if you find yourself sinking. Talking can do wonders for the soul. ❤️💜💛💚💙